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You are a teacher and wish to screen the film in your classes? To do so, please contact us 

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A teaching tool has been created for secondary school teachers who will be showing the documentary "All of Us" to their students aged 12 and older. 

- For the time being, the teaching kit is only available in French -

The teaching pack proposes several activities, to be implemented in class after the screening, for two age groups (12-15 years and 15-18 years). 

The aim of these activities is to raise awareness of the personal and local commitment of the protagonists towards living together and doing things together, in order to get the pupils to take ownership of the issues around dealing with others and the question of intercultural relations. The exercises are designed to make students aware of the high stakes of living together in a globalised world, and will shed light on the notions of human rights, multiple identities and social cohesion.

More specifically, the resources and activities in the “All of Us” teaching pack are aimed at secondary school teachers in Belgium, for courses in philosophy and citizenship, history, French and religion. 

The educational objectives of this teaching tool are in line with those of the teaching programme of the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles.

Do you know someone who has, or do you yourself have, a project that will contribute to a multi-identity and yet harmonious world of tomorrow ?

Beyond the film, citizens are taking the gamble of reaching out to others

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