1001 Shekels: creating links, giving meaning

Dernière mise à jour : 20 oct. 2020

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1001 Shekels is a citizens' initiative, born out of the anger and indignation of four women in the face of the phenomenon of radicalisation and marginalisation of young people. The association dreams of a more inclusive society and of achieving another understanding of what it means to live together: by "doing together", by accepting the other and by making the identity and specificity of every person an added value.

Our motto is "what unites us is greater than what separates us".

In order to do this, we invest in accompanying young people (12-25 years old) by supporting them through: training and educational support to awaken their potential and talents, reflection on, and the awakening of, critical thinking, personal development to rebuild self-esteem and confidence in oneself and in others. Above all, it is important to give them a voice through dialogue, debate and artistic expression: theatre, singing, writing, photography and video.

Our work programme draws on the universal and personal history of each of the participants, their spirituality and their humanitarian and civic commitment. By reconnecting with themselves, an encounter with the other becomes possible and gradually takes shape in an active, everyday sense of citizenship.

After 5 years, we can see a positive change. Young people are flourishing thanks to this journey:

  • Round table with King Philip and Queen Matilda on the idea of Identity among young people.

  • Production of the book "Right/Write to change: from emotion to action" by a group of young writers who call themselves the "Hope Writers".

  • Adaptation of a play based on a reflection on the Value of Mankind.

  • Production of thematic mini-short films

Together with the association, Motief, and our municipality, in March 2020, we piloted a collective reflection on how to sow the seeds of an inclusive citizenship that is expressed by a "collective WE", that recognises, accepts and takes into account the specificity of each person. A valuable first attempt to break the ice, build bridges and dialogue with empathy. The groundwork for a peaceful dialogue has been laid; it is up to all the stakeholders in our societies to assume their responsibilities and accept the risk of succeeding or failing.

For our voluntary structure, we have taken the gamble of action and with it, the risk of succeeding.

If you want to follow their activities, go to: www.1001schakels.be

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