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Testimonial from Maskur

16 May 2022, The Asian Muslim Action Network (AMAN) Indonesia, Budhazine and community are watched a movie “all of us” together in Krecek, Getas Village, Temanggung, Central Java, Indonesia. There were 40 participants from children, youth and adults attended. They are enthusiastic to watch the movie until finished and discuss the film. They also explored more information and got the lesson learnt about strategy in peace and living together with different backgrounds.

Maskur from AMAN Indonesia and Inandiak Elizabeth, researcher from France facilitated to have information and a deep perspective about peace and living together especially explore more local wisdom and local value in the village. It is the capacity in the community that we have to promote every day and everywhere. Because “talk peace don’t have to wait for war”.

Thank you very much!

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