Together with Mary

Dernière mise à jour : 20 oct. 2020

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Mary, the mother of Jesus, is the only woman mentioned by name in the Koran; she is venerated as much by Muslims as by Catholics. By her maternal attitude, she is also, in a way, the mother of all of us! At a time when terrorist attacks were rampant everywhere, it took this magnificent figure to unite us in a vision and a will for peace.

After Lebanon, in Europe since 2015, andthen in Africa, there have been more and more "Together with Mary" rallies. These events encourage spiritual encounters, without proselytism or syncretism, in a mosque or church.

Very soon it became obvious that there was a need to develop projects together that would promote the inclusion of the most vulnerable people in our societies, wherever they are.

For this purpose, the administrative structures of "Efesia" were created, which develop social or economic projects in education, health, agriculture and come to the aid of the most vulnerable.

For example, in Benin, after a "Together with Mary" event, Efesia oversaw the construction and organisation of a primary school, and supports agricultural vocational training projects and access to work for people with disabilities. Each of these sectors of activity is jointly run by Muslims and Christians, and is of course accessible to all. The sustainability of these projects is guaranteed by the establishment of a fish farm. Muslim, Christian, and disabled youths are given internships where they receive an introduction to professional life that, in a climate of mutual esteem, creates social bonds and reinforces the feeling of creating a common destiny, one in which all of us are implicated.

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