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Palmarin, a village located 130Km south of Dakar, is the final jewel in this quest for "things done together". There, the two communities, Muslim and Christian, live together in an astonishing harmony that seems to exist nowhere else. Could they be the only ones resisting the globalised phenomenon of turning in on oneself ? Sharing ceremonies and prayers, common teachings, inter-faith marriages, conversions, ... none of the taboos that seem to weigh on us in the rest of the world seem to preoccupy them. 


The God prayed to, or the place of worship attended each week, never impacts on the respect shown to the other. And nothing distinguishes the Muslim from the Christian in the day-to-day life of the village.

The students of the Palmarin high school, and the inhabitants of the village, through their reflections, questions, and testimonies, offer us a hopeful perspective on what a world without community conflicts could be.


They also hold up an uncompromising mirror to our inward-looking societies, where there is little or no education about the other. In the village, the Christians all know at least one sura and the Muslims recite "Our Father" with no mistakes. This normality stands out in this village where religion cannot be perceived as a tool for isolation and withdrawal.

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