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During the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, aged only 4, Nudzejma witnessed her father, an imam, being killed by the Serbian army and then had to live through deportation to refugee camps.

Through her resilience, she was able to make the decision not to stay locked in the horrors of the past, but to take control of her life. In 2017, she creates a running club she calls T.I.T.O. (which can translate as ‘Running and many other things’), that is open to all; Serbs, Croats and Bosnians alike... and this in spite of the tensions that still prevail between these three communities.

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Lea, a Christian from the Beirut bourgeoisie, who for many years worked as a consultant for various large companies, one day, decides to leave her comfortable life and move to Tripoli, the Lebanese capital. There, a fratricidal conflict opposes two working-class neighbourhoods: Jabal Mohsen, Alawite, and Bab al Tebbeneh, Sunni. It is in the rue de Syrie, the street that serves as a dividing line between these two neighbouring communities that Lea sets up her association, March. Her objective is clear: she wants to re-humanise yesterday's enemies. To do this, she trains young people in a profession or a craft so that they can rebuild, one by one, the businesses destroyed by the conflict.

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Kemal was 24 years old when his village, Kevljani, in northern Bosnia, was attacked by the Serbian army. Imprisoned in Serbian concentration camps, he endured humiliation, torture, deprivation and witnessed the massacre of his community.

It took him 16 years to be able to forgive and become an active citizen, by creating the association Most MIRA (A Bridge for Peace). Step by step, together with the village communities, he initiated acts of reconciliation and has pledged to build a centre for peace on the ruins of the past.

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Dr. Jamal

In Lebanon, where religious tensions are high, the work of Doctor Jamal Ismail is quite unique: a Shiite, he treats Sunnis in the Syrian refugee camps, while working for a Christian order. He draws this wisdom from his upbringing. For him, every man and woman he examines is a patient, and a brother, whatever their origin and faith. By his actions, he puts human dignity at the heart of his work.


The Brookville Campus

In the United States, on the multi-faith Brookville campus on Long Island, Reverend Vicky, Doctor Sultan, and Rabbi Stuart are leaders of their respective Christian, Muslim, and Jewish faith communities. They have made a commitment to learn from each other, to see what brings them together, rather than dwelling on what draws them apart, as a way of ensuring that ignorance is no longer a source of fear. 


Rorri et Arif 

Rorri is a Jewish woman and Arif is Muslim man. They met, fell in love and got married. They now have two children whom they are raising in both religions, with a clear principle: they will not be half-Jewish and half-Muslim, but 100% Jewish and 100% Muslim. An improbable marriage and a way of raising their children which is perhaps even more so, but it works!

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Ella & Miska

In Indonesia, in the Moluccan archipelago, a conflict between Muslims and Christians broke out at the beginning of the 21st century. In spite of the segregation that is still enforced between the two communities, Jacky, thanks to the backing of local schools, makes it possible for the separated young generations to meet, to share, to get to know each other and to overcome their prejudices. 

Unique friendships are thus born between young people from the Christian and Muslim communities, such as that between Ella and Miska.


Palmarin, Senegal

In the small village of Palmarin, the Muslim and Christian communities live in an astonishing harmony, unlike anywhere else. Here doing it together is amul (no) problem!

Do you know someone who has, or do you yourself have, a project that will contribute to a multi-identity

and yet harmonious world of tomorrow ?

Beyond the film, citizens are taking the gamble of reaching out to others

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