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To help mark the International Day of Living Together in Peace (JIVEP), the film “All of Us" is supporting this event by offering its partners the chance to share the film free of charge from 14 - 22 May this year.

What if, away from tensions around questions of identity and the fear of others, we had found other realities? 

What if we had stories to tell of audacious citizens who, with a strong desire for people of different beliefs to live together in harmony, have found ways of reinventing family, education, social relations, culture, and work...and have done so despite existing difficulties and frictions? 

What if, thanks to these stories, gathered from around the world, we can begin to see the emergence of what could be the multi-identity and yet harmonious world of tomorrow? And what if we all took part in it?

Taking part in a world open to others.
Together, All of Us.

About Pierre Pirard


With degrees in law (ULB – University of Brussels) and business management from Solvay Business School (Brussels), Pierre pursued a career in the private sector for more than 25 years, holding management positions in small and large companies (including Procter & Gamble, Stanley Tools and Reckittbenckiser). In 2009, he made a radical career change by becoming a secondary school teacher in schools in Molenbeek, Brussels where a majority of pupils came from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds . 

In 2011, he shared this experience in a book evocatively titled:

 "You're not shitty students".


During his years as a teacher, Pierre met many people who shared his vision of struggling for more fairness in educational success.  Pursuing his vision, Pierre took yet another new turn in his career and, together with other social entrepreneurs, in 2013, launched ‘Teach for Belgium’ as part of the ‘Teach For All network’. In addition to these activities in Belgium, Pierre is involved in development projects in Senegal in the village of Palmarin. Far from the identitarian tensions that we are confronted with in our countries, in this village, Christians and Muslims live in perfect harmony with disconcerting ease. This new reality became the starting point of a quest that would take Pierre across the different continents in search of inspiring stories of citizens who have made the wager to go towards the other and who can be a source of inspiration to us all.

The film’s crew 

Julien Cherpion

Director of Photography


After studying “Cinematography" at the INRACI film school in Brussels, he worked as a set gaffer on many Belgian and also foreign films. In 2015, Julien created his own production company, Shimera Films and invested in his own camera equipment. He began working full-time as a D.O.P on music videos, commercials and in fiction. He was the cinematographer of a feature-length fiction film shot in Liège and Beijing in 2017. Julien also shot with director Bryan Fogel, who won the Oscar for best documentary in 2017 for "Icarus". Driven by a desire to invest his work with a social purpose, he committed himself fully in this first documentary “All of Us".

Website : www./

Manuel Roland


Manuel Roland.jpg

Manuel Roland is a Belgian composer, lyricist, sound engineer, producer and multi-instrumentalist. A self-taught musician, he discovered jazz as a teenager and then became passionate about Balkan and North African music, chanson française, pop, rock, and finally cinema soundtracks. His poetic universe and his innate sense of melody bring all these influences into play in his work today. He has composed for many feature films, short films and documentaries. In particular, he was awarded the Magritte 2017 award for best original music for Valéry Rosier's documentary, "Parasol".

Manuel has always shown a curiosity for others, and it came very naturally to him to join Pierre in the “All of Us" adventure.

Céline Bodson

Sound engineer


Céline Bodson is a sound engineer based in Liège, Belgium. After a sound engineering bachelor's degree at the INRACI film school in Brussels, Céline worked as boom operator and as sound engineer on numerous film shoots in Belgium and abroad. Céline has worked on feature films as well as documentaries. She was also a production assistant for the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra of Liège. Céline is passionate about travelling and meeting new people and she fit in very naturally with the “All of Us” crew, excited about the opportunity it gave her to meet new people around the world.

Pierre Bruyns 

Studio Bleu Nuit

Sound editing and mixing


After studying sound at the IAD film school, Pierre worked for various production companies before opening his own sound studio in 1996: Bleu Nuit. Bleu Nuit is a small company, dedicated to offering directors and producers a richly creative atmosphere in which to work on the sound and music of their productions.

Pierre works as sound designer and mixer on features, documentaries and commercials, a number of which have won awards or been nominated in festivals in Belgium and abroad.

Pierre's awareness of, and sensitivity to, the world around him, were what motivated him to bring his expertise to the "All of us" project.

Website : bleu nuit studio

Mathieu Pierart 

Lead Editor


After completing his studies in the editing section at the IAD film school in Belgium, Mathieu embarked on his editing career boosted by the prize he won for his end of study editing work on the graduation "Ergon". He subsequently honed his expertise by participating in the editing of numerous television programs (Hep taxi, Belle bleue, Expédition Amérique du Sud, ...) and documentaries (L'eau sacrée, Archibel, Mannekenswing). In 2014, Mathieu directed a documentary called "Le Grand Jojo". For the past few years, Mathieu has focused on projects with a social impact. The many shoot locations and the diversity of the stories explored in “All of Us” were a big part of what drew him into the project.  

Nicolas Dehaut

Studio Aftertouch


Founded in 2014 by Erwan Closset, video and advertising director, and Nicolas Dehaut, animation film director, Aftertouch is a young animation and audio-visual production studio, based in Liege, that offers a complete production service, from writing to post-production, for TV, cinema and digital media.

As a director, and like many of the thirty-somethings of his generation, Nicolas wanted to find a way of giving meaning to what he does. Active in advertising for the past 15 years, today he wants to bring his skills to new and diverse projects. He believes the professional schizophrenia he has experienced resonates with many people and is part of a fundamental societal change.

He therefore welcomes any project that allows him to bring his societal and environmental values to the fore. And "All of us" was a wonderful opportunity to do so!

Site web:

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