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A high school in the city of Rosario, province of Santa Fe, in Argentina, has started to watch, class by class, the film "All of Us" with an interesting debate where a sincere search for values that help to build a peaceful coexistence has become evident.

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Cineforum on Monday 16 May, with students of elective subjects from a school in Santiago. All students and teachers found the film very interesting, some stories were more commented than others, but in general they were very attentive and showed great interest in the activity, making comments and drawing concrete conclusions for their personal lives and the educational work towards peace that is carried out in the school.

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Living Peace coordinators together with partner organisations spent a whole morning reflecting on "how" to live together in peace. The screening of the film All of Us helped to identify clues, possible ways of reconciliation, forgiveness and peace in the midst of the complicated situation in that country.

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